Virtuosos of throat singing AltaiKai from Altai Republic (Russia)
(Kai is the name of throat singing in Altai.)

Musicians of the AltaiKai ensemble are virtuosos of Altai throat singing – kai. They skilfully sing all styles and variety of kai and play traditional musical instruments of Altai people. Velvety, low sounds of karkyraa, fascinating hoomey and melodious sygyt – sybysky, lively imitations of nature sounds (birds singing, purling of brook, animals voices) - also delicacy women’s singing and woman’s throat singing, melodies of khomus (jew’s harp), topshuur and accordion – all of that is AltaiKai. Traditional Altai songs about Motherland and its beauty, about bogatyrs and their past Power, about Altai people combined with joking tunes, dances and shaman mysteries. Narrators kaichy sing traditional, sacred in Altai heroic legends and eposes. All of that is AltaiKai.

01. Song About Kai
02. Warriors Words
03. Spring Water
04. Summer
05. My Land
06. My People
07. Three Peaks
08. Khan Altai
09. Play, Play Khomus
10. My Altai
11. Shamans Blessing
12. Oyim, Oy-Oyim
13. Shunu Warrior
14. I am an Altaian
15. Ancient Kai Song and Tunur Drum
16. Play, Play Altai
17. Joes Song

Part 1.
Part 2.


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Same link for Part 1 and 2?

Bluesmen said...

Sorry, corrected...

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