"17 Hippies is a prolific outfit ... their polyglot style has evolved to take in
dozens of genres, and here they've chosen to mix an Eastern European odd-metered rhythm, played on bass and accordion, with a plaintive, gentle reading of the `Apache' melody on the clarinet. It's very simple, and effectively makes an old classic new again."


"17 Hippies sounds like someone used a warped blender to mix an accordion, ukulele, banjo, saw, clarinet, violin, trumpet, trombone, flute, a Jew's harp, an Indian tampura, an Irish bouzouki, an assortment of other string and wind instruments, a Zydeco band, Luminescent Orchestrii, and a circus sideshow from somewhere in Eastern Europe. In other words, their sound is quite bizarre and absolutely fantastic."

"17 Hippies are one of the most exiting bands that exist in Germany today. And if you miss them, it's your own fault."
Rolling Stone [Germany]

"17 Hippies are ridiculously underrated. They should be in the front rank of European world music artists."
Charlie Gillet, BBC London

"The musical idioms are ... disparate, yet the mix is never incoherent. 17 Hippies have learned how to fuse sundry musics into one."
Washington Post

"The renegade sound of 17 Hippies--captured on the new disc Heimlich-- is an engaging blend of pop sounds and traditional eastern European folk melodies."
Chicago Sun-Times

For the past 12 years, Berlin's very own "special orchestra" 17 Hippies has been playing a whirling, crashing, diving, bobbing, weaving mixture of music from around the world. Imagine a mix of Eastern melodies, Balkan rhythms, French chanson, Anglo songwriting, and Cajun tunes, all perfectly blended together to create a unique pop style.

Starting in Spring 1995 as a trio playing mainly instrumental music, the band mutated into an ensemble--now numbering 13 musicians--that displays a vast range of musical creativity, ranging from their French radio hit "Marlène"" to the soundtrack for Andreas Dresen's award-winning film Halbe Treppe(Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival).

With their new CD Heimlich, 17 Hippies have set a milestone. On this intoxicating album, most of the tunes are vocal--sung in German, French, and English. From a wild dance inspired by a Romanian melody to a Zydecogoes- Bollywood tune, 17 Hippies have created another masterpiece.

01. Schattenmann
02. Son Myst
03. Wann War Das
04. Deine Trn
05. Teschko
06. Tick Tack
07. The Moving Song
08. Apache
09. Heimlich
10. Just Like You
11. Madame
12. Rustemul
13. Wann Denn Dann Wann Dann (Prolog)
14. Le Son Mystere
15. Papadam
16. Jacques Balzac
17. Wann Denn Dann Wann Dann


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Darkman said...

VBR? :)

p.s. and why do you have 13 songs indicated in the tracklist? (i think it should be 17 songs)

Bluesmen said...

Yes, VBR.:)

You are right, I mixed it up.
The original CD it really 13 songs, but this Limited Edition, what 17 songs are.
Thanks, how you spoke, I repaired it...
Ps: an e-mail would be plainer if you have this many questions...:)

Unknown said...

This one really blows you off.
Thanks a ton Bluesmen :D

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