"After Wolf Krakowski's last outing, the stunning Transmigrations: Gilgul, he and his band, the Lonesome Brothers, took country music to the extreme margins of integration, where it met blues and traditional Yiddish music in a swirl of loss, longing, and celebrations of holiday foods. This time out, Krakowski branches out even further to mine the deep vein of musical cultures from all over the world -- reggae, tango -- without losing his beautifully mystifying meld of traditional Yiddish folk melodies or American country and folk-blues. Had he written his own material this way, we could have called him an original, but Krakowski's upside-down cake of musical mementos is actually the accompanying soundtrack for a bunch of radically rearranged Yiddish songs from the theater, pop, and folk musics. Composers from the last century, such as Abraham Levin, Itzak Manger, Shmuel Halkin, and others, are represented here in clashing forms where pedal-steel guitars meet steel drums from Trinidad on "Mit Farmakhte Oygin" (With Eyes Closed), or Kurt Weill's German cabaret meets the Italian tarantella and a crunchy electric guitar on "Dona Dona." In fact, the depths are so profound and rich here they defy categorization, other than "great Jewish music." This is the accumulated music of the diaspora of a people who have settled in almost every corner of the earth and who cling to their identity despite many attempts to wipe it -- and them -- out. Krakowski's recording, which was produced by Frank London of the Klezmatics, is, consciously or not, a signpost for the way to the future. He uses the past as a way of being inclusive rather than as a tool for revision. This is gorgeous music any way you slice it, moving, deep, sensual, and full of a warm humor to boot."
Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

01. My Father And Mother
02. Dona, Dona
03. I'll Never Steal Again
04. With Eyes Closed
05. A Waste Of Your Tears
06. You Will Be Mine
07. Spin, Dreydl
08. Deep Pits, Red Clay
09. One Hundred
10. Let's Just Think About Today
11. Buddy, Have A Smoke With Me
12. Zingarella

Wolf Krakowski - vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar

Jim Armenti - guitars, mandolin, violin, balalaika, batar
Ray Mason - bass guitar, guitar
Tom Shea - drums, guitar

Seth Austen - National steel guitar, 12-string guitar, mandola, mandolin
Doug Beaumier - pedal steel guitar, dobro
Bejegyzés közzététele

Fraidy Katz - back-up vocals
Daniel Lombardo - percussion
Frank London - trumpet
Corner Mentos - steel drum
Brian Mitchell - accordion, organ
Charles Neville - saxophones
Jaye Simms, Pamela Smith Salavka - back-up vocals
Beverly Woods - tsimbl


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Wolf Krakowski & the Lonesome Bros.
in Concert at the University of Florida @ Gainesville
"Ven Du Lakhst" (When You Laugh) by Max Perlman


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