Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene (Erzsi Kiss Music) makes a fusion of existing and fictitious languages; bridges are built between well-known and imaginary continents. This music is a flow of never-ending improvisations; lyrics without lyrics, free associations are the basis of the diversity of their music which includes elements of dark ballads, chansons, rock of the '70s. In brief: the "ethno-rock" cavalcade. The band was formed in 1996. Since then they have great success, in Europe they were invited to many international festivals and clubs. Initially the vocal arrangements were in focus, which by now has been balanced with instrumental arrangements interpreted by the jazz musicians of Erzsi Kiss. It is a jubilant music that the band creates with a virtual world: many instants and emotions.

Described as having an eclectic blend of ethnic musical influences Erzsi Kiss and her band have an enthusiastic following in their Hungary. It can only be a matter of time before this spreads beyond that country's borders.

"The music can be a little bluesy, a little jazzy, a little Serbian, a little Russian or Arabic, we can play and travel as much as we want, because we have no language restrictions. Human imagination and musicality are the only things that can limit us."
Erzsi Kiss

01. Papabej
02. Ana Lytindi
03. Tomma Holahi
04. T.W.
05. Pulepo
06. B.B.
07. Rie
08. Lipinka
09. '69
10. Röné
11. Debödöp
12. Kavicsos
13. Francia II.
14. Hmm
15. 79
16. Papabej II.
17. Ahi M Põ

Erzsi Kiss - voice
Árpád Vajdovich - bass guitar, ud, voice
Hunor G. Szabó - drum, percussion, guitar, kalimba, voice
Márton Sütő - guitar, accordion, voice
Linda Kovács - voice
Anna Szantner - voice




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