Brown Bird is an original 3 piece band which draws influence from Alt.Country, Blues and Eastern European musics. Brown Bird began over five years ago as the brain child of songwriter David Lamb and has developed into a miniature orchestra of harmonized voices and instruments carrying Lamb’s haunting lyrics on surging waves of Appalachian, gypsy, and shanty music. The group hails from Rhode Island and pulls from the talents of each member to create a diverse folk music that swells into high-spirited, foot-stomping madness.

Brown Bird’s history starts when David Lamb returned to New England after a stint of unemployment in Seattle, bringing with him the first seedlings of a catalog of dark introspective songs. He settled in Portland Maine and Brown Bird crystallized with the addition of Lamb’s close friends Jeremy (voice, accordion, banjo) and Jerusha Robinson (voice, cello). Together they formed the stormy, ‘dark-americana’ sound that would identify the band for much of its earlier years.

As a trio, Brown Bird self released two albums: ‘Tautology’ (2006), and ‘Such Unrest’ (2007). Their third record “The Bottom of the Sea” found its home on the Portland Maine based label Peapod Records. Following its release in 2008, Lamb embarked on an extensive solo tour throughout the U.S. in support of the album.

While touring, Lamb met Morganeve Swain and Mike Samos two Rhode Islanders who would join him for several shows on the road and later become full members of Brown Bird.

01. Danger and Dread
02. Down to the River
03. Muck and Mire
04. Lake Bed
05. Needy Generator
06. Wrong Black Mare
07. Bottom of the Bottle
08. By The Reins
09. Gallows
10. Sickle and Hood
11. Severed Soul
12. Devil Dancing
13. Mabel Grey

David Lamb: guitar, banjo, percussion, vocals
Morganeve Swain: fiddle, viola, cello, ukulele, vocals
Mike Samos: dobro, lap steel, mountain dulcimer
Jerusha Robinson - vocals, cello, pick axe
Jeremy Robinson - vocals, banjo, accordion

Special Guest:
Micah Blue Smaldone: upright bass




Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Heared their name first in connection with Big Blood, another great US band. A bit more progressive.

Nevertheless I hear Brown Bird up and down the las 10 days!

Anonymous said...

thanks much! : 9

Radu said...

I've been following your blog for more than a year now. You have great musical tastes and helped me discover alot of great bands. I wish i could return the favor. Salutations from Romania.

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