VeDaKi (Vershki Da Koreshki) is a meeting of different cultures, rhythms, languages, energies, forces of the world (Africa, India, Russia, Tuva, Europe), and joining them together in search of natural understanding and communication, link between traditional and modern, roots and improvisation (not without humour and hope).
It was planted as an experiment; it stayed alive; it keeps giving its fruits.

"Any improvisation comes from tradition
Any tradition implies improvisation
Any living specie takes their form
Any living specie contains them both
All living species share them "

01.Xame Nge - Golubka
02.Samm - Mak
04.Zalivochka - Buleen nu Tanqal
06.Mlada - Faleme
07.Papa Ndiaye
08.Adunna - Kak u nas
09.Jot na - Posledny Denechek [Last Day]
10.Zaglyanet li solnce - Dundu ak Dee

Accordion, Piano [Acoustic Piano], Jew's Harp, Flute [Reed Flutes],Talking Drum - Alexei Levin
Double Bass - Vladimir Volkov
Vocals, Xalam, Instruments [M'bira, Kongoma, Calebasse], Talking Drum, Horn [Cow Horn], Flute - Mola Sylla
Vocals, Zither, Flute - Sergey Starostin




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