Music, for a play but complete enough on its own, telling the life story of fictional Provençal character Maurin, by Provençal sax/flute player Montanaro using classical, renaissance and various traditional European influences, featuring a Slovak Chamber Orchestra and, somewhat dinner-jacketed in this context, Hungarian bands Vujicsics and Ghymes.

Miqueu Montanaro plays many instruments: alto saxophone, accordion, varoius flutes and others curiosities. The instrument speaks the language Montanaro taught it : jazz, music from east of Europe and improvised music.

01. Maurin des Maures
02. Mauresca
03. Parlo sourlet
04. Lei bofets
05. Lo fuoc
06. Bomians e Carboniers
07. Lei - Chivaus Frus -
08. Les gendarmes
09. Scotisch de l'auberge
10. La sirene et le faune
11. Romance
12. Maurin des Maures (Reprise)
13. Lo Manteu de Sant Martin
14. Dins l'auberga
15. La bravade
16. Fanfarnette
17. Mauresca
18. La chanson de Maurin
19. La mort de Maurin

Miquéu Montanaro : flutes, saxophone, galoubet-tambourin, accordion

Vujicsics Ensemble:
Eredics Gábor - accordéon, tambura, percussion,
Eredics Kálmán - contrabasse, derbouka
Brczán Miroszláv - cello tambura,
Szendrődi Ferenc - bratsch, tambura
Győri Károly : tambura solo,
Borbély Mihály - clarinette, saxo soprano

Szarka Tamás - violon, koboz,
Szarka Gyula - contrebasse
Behr László - cymbalum, percussion,
Nagy Mihály - clarinette, tambour
Buják Andor - clarinette, bratsch (alto)



Big thanks Frankie for the CD!


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