Mihály DRESCH is a Hungarian saxophone player who mixes the American free-jazz tradition with elements of traditional Hungarian folk music.
The album of the acknowledged jazz saxophonist and composer, influenced by Hungarian folk music and Indian music.

1. Ködöllik a Mátra
2. Ritka madár
3. Naív
4. Le az utcán
5. Prana

Mihály DRESCH - tenor and soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute, vocals
Miklós LUKÁCS - cimbalom
Mátyás SZANDAI - double bass
István BALÓ - drums

Sándor CSÓRI "Sündi" - viola
Félix LAJKÓ - violin
Antal BRASNYÓ - viola
Péter SZALAI - tabla


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


corvimax said...

I love Mihály Dresch music
thank you for this one

Anonymous said...

very nice blog! =)

Have you ever heard about Berrogueto? I think they are from Galiza, in Spain, and they make quite interesting music.
You can take a look here:

Anonymous said...

Nice one, thanks.

But regarding their name: in Ireland (and also in Britain), "tosser" primarily means the same as "wanker" - an insult which implies that one's main activity in life is that of copious masturbation.

Anonymous said...

(Re comment above: sorry, that was meant for your post on The Tossers' album, delete at will.)

Anonymous said...

many thx
it's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

thank you

kokolo said...

Thank you, and not just for this, hungerian jazz has that something special!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for this album in lossless for a while. Could you help me?

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