The band FolkError was found in march 2006. They mix the traditional Hungarian folk music with elements of the 21st century’s modern musicial features. In the tunes of the ensanble we can get an insight to the world of ska, drum’n’ bass, reggae, etc…They are using the fallowing instrumentation: Violin, viola, clarinet, saxophone, accordion, different tipes of flutes, guitar, bass guitar, drums, singing voice.
During the 2 years of their cooperation they took part in most of the hungarian festivals. In 2006 they took part in the ABC International Live Award. In the competition’s hungarian section, they won 2nd place, and afterwards in the international part, they won the 11th place out of 1500 other bands.

01. Skatarzis
02. Régi regi
03. Kavalkád
04. Brácsak
05. Pupi 'de szip
06. Égen a híd
07. Fiatalos kanszi
08. Magyarbödögei Galambozó
09. Indulj el...
10. Zsan
11. Hajnali
12. Kavalkad remix - DJ Jutasi

Vera Liska - vocal
Tamás Dezsőházi - violin
Zoltán Samu – electric violin
Levente Bálint - clarinet, sax
Atilla Kaszap - brass, kaval
László Palazsnik - accordion
Péter Nádas – guitar
Balázs Kovács – bass guitar
Attila Szendrei - drums




Anonymous said...

Just ran across this band. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! please get some more Folk Error on here!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks !

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