I was born anno Domini 1964. My father who died at a young age considered very important that my sister and me learned music, so we started the violin in the music school. Thank God the Csík Enseble has become more and more popular, thus besides Hungary I was invited to play music abroad as well. Hence I could see almost all the world.
It is a great honour for me that with the album: Karácsonynak éjszakáján (Christmas Eve) I might be a part of families’ holiday dinners.
Let this music be my Christmas present for you, as I compiled it not only from the thoughts of poets and musicians, but also from old ritual songs.

Csík János

1. Hóban, fényben
2. Lassan elfogynak az ünnepek
3. Bárcsak régen felébredtem volna...
4. Mostan kinyílt egy szép rózsa virág...
5. Karácsonynak éjszakáján...
6. Karácsonyi köszöntő

Zsolt Barcza jr. - cimbalom, organ
József Bartók - double bass
János Csík - voice, violin
Tamás Kunos - viola
Péter Makó - clarinet
Attila Szabó - violin
Balázs Szokolai "Dongó" - bagpipe

Ádám Apáti - outhpiano
György Ferenczi - violin, harmonica, vocal
Miklós Jankó - drum
Levente Kormos - guitar, vocal
Zsolt Pintér - mandolin, vocal


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


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