Israel’s Asaf Avidan and The Mojos are rapidly gaining recognition as one of indie music’s most interesting and original acts.
The group, centered on the talents of singer/guitarist Asaf Avidan creates a unique concoction of 70’s influenced folk-rock, blues and Americana with Avidan’s soulful vocals, eerily reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s, serving as the main driving force. Moving from acoustic, bluesy passages accompanied by some swaggering piano playing, to over-drive laden bursts of energy, the band’s latest album – released under two different titles, seamlessly combines 70’s American folk-rock, Garage and psychedia with a current indie-rock attitude and post-punk aesthetics. Anyone who enjoys such varied artists such as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Fiona Apple, James Brown, Arctic Monkeys and Jeff Buckley should take heed, because Avidan’s music combines the best of these into one unique package.

29 year old Asaf Avidan is a Jerusalem born & bred singer-songwriter.
He released his acclaimed debut EP, Now That You’re Leaving, in 2006.
Since then, he has continued to write and mold his experiences with broken love into personal, yet universally relatable songs.

Touring Israel solo, with just a guitar and harmonica, Asaf gathered a strong and devoted following across Israel, and in the process gathered also the musicians who would become The Mojos.

“Asaf Avidan is a genius… you might think you’re listening to Janis Joplin… but Asaf is a new messiah”
Rolling Stone magazine

“The birth of a legend”
Ha’aretz (Leading Israeli newspaper)

01. Brickman
02. Poor Boy Lucky Man
03. Got It Right
04. My Favorite Clown
05. Small Change Girl
06. The Ghost Of A Thousand Little Lies
07. Wasting My Time
08. Jet Plane
09. Little Stallion
10. Your Anchor
11. Losing Hand
12. Painting On The Past
13. Out In The Cold
14. My Latest Sin

Asaf Avidan – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Roi Peled – guitars
Ran Nir – bass
Joni Snow – drums
Hadas Kleinman – cello




Anonymous said...

thanks so much for sharing this i really appreciate. can you recommend anything similar?

Anonymous said...

*appreciate it

Anonymous said...

the song i love most on that album is "the anchor"so if you could recommend anything that sounds even remotely similar to it thatd be great. sorry for spamming again:) keep up the good work on the blog

MacKenzie said...

Asaf has some amazing music! Have you heard the remix that DJ Wankelmut made with One Day? it's super catchy!

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