Unu = one in Rumanian, daou = two in Breton, tri = three in Serbian and Breton, chtar = four in Rom.
1 2 3 4 is the whispered beginning of many tunes, and represents four of the languages used by the musicians of this quartet : Erik Marchand, from Poullaouen, is a singer. Costica Olan, is a taragot and soprano sax player, his native language is Rom, he also use Romanian in his daily life. Viorel Tajkuna is Serbian and belongs to the Rom minority of the Serbian Banat, as a result he is trilingual. He is an accordionist and organist for weddings. Jacky Molard from Saint Malo, has been living in Spezet, central Brittany, for many years. He’s a composer, arranger and violin player, using a large range of musical languages.

Erik Marchand is a leading figure of Breton song. He has adopted a very strong Breton identity while remaining completely open to other cultures in which he immerses himself, then he searches deep in the popular music of Brittany for the resources to establish or recreate a dialogue with them.

01. Kened Eros Kened Eros
02. Kened Eros Olani
03. Speied
04. Lunca
05. Jaures
06. Marcel
07. Suita Moldovaneasca Stefaneti 1
08. Suita Moldovaneasca Stefaneti 2
09. Draghicesca Umblu Noapte Ca-Si Un Lotru Prin Padure Si Prin Codru
10. Draghicesca Draghicesca
11. Sopsteveni Raspored
12. Jaures


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