Well known Hungarian folk and jazz musicians play sophisticated, intelligent world music. One can realise that the musicians are well trained and have solid roots in jazz music. World famous singer Irén LOVÁSZ is also featured on the album. (Her most famous release is called: WORLD TREE.) She and her music-mates can be found on albums of MAKÁM too.

1. 1999
2. Én felkelék - I Get Up  
3. Iniciálé - Initial
4. Pókháló - Cobweb
5. Lélekbál - Ball of Soul
6. Szeszélyes - Caprice
7. Szárnyak - Wings
8. Időcsepp - Drop of Time
9. Szemek - Eyes

Bárány Péter - acoustic guitar, bass
Gavodi Zoltán - clarinet
Gyulai Csaba - violin, viola, viola da gamba, percussion
Koós László - guitar
Mizsei Zoltán - keyboards, piano, psalterium, percussion

Lovász Irén - vocal
Váczi Dániel - sax
Kőszegi Péter - bass
Dés András - percussion


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

Big thanks Frankie for the CD!


Amnon said...

realy amazing music,

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