Hetric Free Folk - world music. A fusion of different Celtic music traditions: Irish, Scottish, and Manx with Balkan music: Moldavian, Transylvanian, Hungarian!

The group Hétrét is based in South-western Hungary. This corner of the country has always been a melting pot of different cultures and traditions. A meeting point of three countries: Hungary, Austria and Slovenia, the region is home to various nationalities and thus to a unique variety of musical traditions.

Originally a traditional Irish music group, Hétrét expanded their repertoire to combine folk traditions from the local regions: Hungary, the Balkans as well as Transylvania and Moldavia. The music is basically acoustic and one can hear a variety of instruments from the Celtic harp and tin whistles to the South-American charango.

01. Harvest Home (Traditional Irish and Hungarian)
02. Se kertembe (Traditional Moldavian)
03. Come by the Hills (Traditional Irish)
04. Szerelmese
05. Banks of Claudy (Traditional Irish)
06. Abbie
07. Tha Mi Sgith (Traditional Scottish)
08. I'm a Man (Traditional Irish)
09. Az ördög tánca
10. Ushag Veg Ruy (Traditional Manx and Transylvanian)
11. Bajdal (Traditional Moldavian and Irish)
12. Oidipusz bolyongása (Traditional Irish)

Boa Veronika Setanta - voice
Kimberly Coleman - fiddle, voice
Jon Hanson - fiddle, voice
Hochrein Judit - tin whistles, voice
Ityko - guitars, banjo, double bass, mandolin, keyboards, voice, percussion
Kardos Endre Bozi - flute, tin whistls, bagpipes, voice
Toth Istvan - guitars, charngo, bodhran, drums, double bass, voice

Soós Tamas Attila - soprano sax
Szarka Gyula - voice
Szervatiusz Lilla - voice
Morvay Krisztina - voice
Szabó Perpetua - voice
Tóth Anita - voice


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Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous CD. Just the sort of thing I love.

FWIW, if you're using Firefox as your browser, you might have trouble d/ling this. The link wouldn't work for me, until I tried it in IE.

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