Russia-based world/jazz fusion collective Vershki Da Koreshki (a.k.a. VeDaKi) is a meeting of different cultures, rhythms, languages, energies, forces of the world (Africa, India, Russia, Tuva, Europe), and joining them together in search of natural understanding and communication, link between traditional and modern, roots and improvisation (not without humour and hope).

Plants hide their roots (koreshki) to protect them from bad weather while their leaves (vershki) are directly affected by the constant changes in the weather. These two vital parts develop simultaneouly but in opposite direction thus maintaining the balance of the overall organism.
The group Vershki da Koreshki grew in the same way: the roots are formed by two descendants of ancient cultures of Africa (Senegal) and Central Asia (Tuva). The leaves are two compatriots from Saint Petersburg who are nourished by jazz, classical and contemporary music and improvisation.
The synthesis of these seemingly contradictory elements results in the band's great freedom of style and concept.

1. Borbannaadyr
2. Toumkoumani
3. Trance-later
4. Ana
5. Khoomei-bas
6. Vershki da Koreshki
7. Khomouz-bas
8. Chimtchak Salghin
9. Pitchendebin / Khoomeyim Algap Tour Men

Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg: voix, khoomei, ighil, khomyss
Mola Sylla: voix, kongoma, xalam, kalimba
Alexei Levin: accordeon chromatique, piano, khomouz, kongoma
Vladimir Volkov: contrebasse
Paco Diedhion: sauruba




The Irate Pirate said...

nice one! I just got their album "Real Life of Plants" at the cd store a couple weeks ago. really interesting music.

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