Authentic Gypsy Folk Music from Hungary and Romania: Transylvania, Szatmar, Serbia, and the Sub-Carpathian.
This second recording and the way this ensemble uses old and new, archaic and modern musical and mood elements so that they complement one another and form a lasting unity; has put them amongst the most prominent musicians from the younger generation of Gypsy musicians. Their repertoire is exclusively original, traditional material which forms a basis, the open and flexible receptive medium. The traditional northeastern Hungarian Gypsy music and melodies from Transylvanian Gypsy communities are paired with the Balkan pop influence, characteristic of the folk rooted Western European performers as well.

01. Korkore Zav Ande Kalyi Ratyi
Gypsy Dance From Serbia
02. Megyek, megyek hazafelé
Gypsy Rolled Song From Hungary
03. Trandatajduj Glazi
Sub Carpathian Gypsy Slow Song /Gypsy Slow Song And Rolled Song From Szatmar County
04. Akhardem Me Le Romen
Gypsy Dance Tune From Greece
05. Aven Mande Le Roma
Gypsy Dance Tunes From Romania
06. Diri, Diri, So Kerdjan
Gypsy Ballad From The Balkan
07. Ustyi Opre, Muri Gazi
Gypsy Dance Song From Transylvania
08. Lokhe Zav Me Pe Vulyica
Romanian Gypsy Dance Tunes
09. Kercimate Zav
Gypsy Love Song From Serbia
10. Álmos vagyok, mint a cica
Gypsy Rolled Songs From Hungary
11. Búzát szemel a vadgalamb
Gypsy Dance Songs From Hungary
12. Sasman Vurdon Taj Karuca
Slow Gypsy Song From Hungary
13. Corro Som Me, Laso Rom
Gypsy Dance Song From Transylvania
14. Phendjom Tuke, Muri Gazi
Gypsy folk Song From Transylvania
15. Phiravelamn Kalyi Phuv
Gypsy Dance Tune From Macedonia
16. Trusalo Taj Bokhalo Som
Gypsy folk Song From Romania
17. Akharenman Mure Phralora
Gypsy Rumba
18. Főbe vertek a cigányok
Gypsy Ballad From Hungary
19. T'avos Devla Barvalo
Gypsy folk Song From Romania
20. Aj Devlale Phen Mange, So Te
Gypsy Rolled Song From Hungary/Sub-Carpathian Gypsy Rolled Song

Ferenc Balogh - vocal, guitar, oral bass, spoons, derbouka
Ildikó Varga - vocal
István Pacal Balogh - oral bass, vocals, water can, spoons, guitar, derbouka
Ilona Farkas - vocal
István Nagy - vocals, tambouritza, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, oral bass

József Simon Balogh - vocal
Kálmán Balogh - cimbalom
Csaba Novák - double bass




Michael Moricz, NYC said...

I love how this album bridges Hungarian/Transylvanian material with the Serbian/Tamburasi style. It's fascinating. Your website is a real treasure, especially when gems like this one appear. thanks for posting it! :)

zeporro said...

thank you for the album, very good music.
greetings :)

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to have stumbled across your blog. Thanks for uploading these wonderful albums!

singer01 said...

Great album! Really sounds good. I loved listening to it...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

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