The music of Habrera Hativeet has evolved from authentic Sepharadic African and Middle Eastern roots. The combination of Eastern and Western instruments produces a unique form of Israeli music. Shlomo Bar, the moving spirit of Habrera Hativeet draws much of his musical inspiration from Biblical as well as modern Israeli themes.

"For me," says Shlomo Bar, "music is something eternal without beginning or end. In my music there are elements of wonder, yearning and prayers."

01. Haleluya
02. Kol Mehashamayim
03. Etzlenu Bikfar Todra
04. Belibech
05. Shdemati
06. Al Tashlicheni
07. Shmor Al Haolam
08. Shaar Harahamim
09. Shir Lashalom
10. Ahuvat Hasapan
11. Instrumental
12. Tfila
13. Baa Meahava
14. Tfila
15. Hu Yavo

Shlomo Bar (drums, vocals),
Menashe Sasson (santur),
Nir Sarussi, Ilan Ben-Ami (guitar),
Yael Offenbach (tabla),
Ilan Aviv (bass, drums, keyboard, guitar, Persian santur)




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