Composed of four female singers and a percussionist, the group interprets traditional songs from many countries. Chet Nuneta picks up songs thanks to people they meet, or journeys they make.

The musical research is based on vocal techniques from various people of the world.

The arrangements are inspired by the original versions while developing their singular universe. By composing harmonies and rhythms, by knitting " sound dressings ", the group takes the songs towards one somewhere else.

It is not only a matter of restoring traditional songs but also to play with sounds and imagination, to express musically and on stage what every song evokes. Of this " burst of sounds " will appear in 2008 the album "Ailleurs" produced by the Mon Slip label.

Repertoire: songs of Madagascar, Finland, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico, Macedonia, Cape Verde, Hebrew, Arabic, Gypsy.

01.A Vus Basin
03.More Sokol Pie
05.Erev Shel Shoshanim
06.Khot Ti Shla
07.Malka Moma Dvori Mete
08.Ya Man Laebat
09.Kharmayn Khagd
11.Miinan Laulu

Daphné Clouzeau: voix, arc, tammora, bodhran, petites percussions
Valérie Gardou: voix, arc
Juliette Roussille: voix, guitare, accordéon, tammora, bodhran, petites percussions
Lilia Ruocco: voix, tammora, petites percussions
Beatriz Salmeron-Martin(en alternance avec Daphné Clouzeau): voix, arc, tammora, bodhran, petites percussions
Michaël Fernandez: percussions




monk said...

thanks sooo much for fixing the link. it looked fascinating yesterday when i first found it, but alas.

but today my persistence has paid off, though my obsessive clicking through for the last 24 hours doesn't stand up relative to the work you put in here. doesn't stand up even in analogy.

thanks for everything, always. i don't like frustration, but sometimes it gets me to the place where i can express my appreciation.


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