Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Nikola Parov first played the mandolin at six. His grandfather, a professional musician, immersed him in the musical traditions of the Balkans at a very early age. Nikola began formal instruction in piano and cello at ten, shortly after he moved to Budapest where he lives with his family.

Nikola studied regional folklore and at twenty became a full time musician, forming the group Zsarátnok which gained wide recognition on the European scene. He collected instruments and performed the musical heritage of the Balkans, releasing several succesful albums including

Now a key figure in the folk music world, Nikola Parov"s commitment to culture and music studies was acknowledged by the George Soros Foundation and the Academmy of Science in Budapest. With their support he spent several years meticulously researching and documenting the history, culture and instruments of Balkan music.

Nikola Parov is a featured artist in the Riverdance Orchestra, playing a wide variety of instruments: kaval, gadulka, bouzuki and gaida. As well as recording with Bill Whelan, Andy Irvine, Zsaratnok, and Marta Sebestyen and composing dance music for the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Nikola"s talent is in demand in films: School of Senses, Some Mother"s Son, television ducumentaries: Before Your Eyes- CBS News, commercials and the awared winning animated project Tales of Vases. Nikola continues his search for excellence as he pursues his multi-faceted music career.

01. Hasapiko & Sirto - Greece
02. Rchenitsa - Bulgaria
03. Maqam - Of Arabian Origin
04. Bavno Pomashko - Macedonia
05. Karsilama - Of Turkish Origin
06. Pravo Sareshko - Macedonia
07. Tsifteteli - Of Arabian Origin
08. Rebetiko - Greece
09. Bavno Makedonsko - Macedonia
10. Danse Thrace - Bulgaria
11. Danse Lente Du Banat - of Rumanian origin
12. Maqam Du Strandzhia - Bulgaria

Nikola Parov: gadulka, keman, ud, bouzouki, tambour, contrebasse, cornemuse, kaval, clarinette, saxophone, duduk, nay, qanoun, baglama, tapan, percussion
Ivan Barvich: viola-tambour
László Major: vièle
Vladimir Krunity: accordéon
Almassalma Ahmed Kheir: derbuka

The missing track



L'Homme Scalp said...

Je m'abreuve à votre page tel un chameau à l'abreuvoir. Une source intarissable d'excellente musique.

I have seen M. Montanaro from Vent d'Est in my own town Quebec City, in Canada. It was lovely.

Thank you for your page. Take care with the mp3 encoding. Be sure to choose a 16 bits format.

Visit my page

Claude Brindamour, Quebec.

Folklore Maniac said...

There is a little failure in tracklist. From Nr . 1 to Nr. 8 they are OK, but:

Nr.9 is missing: and its' titel is: Bavno makedomsko
10. Danse thrace
11. Danse lente du Banat
12. Maquam de Strandzhia

Bluesmen said...

Sorry, I was careless, one track missed ...
The missing track link in the post title.
The tracklists corrected.
Once again sorry everyone!

empa said...

Thanks for this great album!
I was searching for it already years ago.
I had only a very old LP recording on tape...

Thanks! Köszönöm!

Anonymous said...

nem mukodnek a ".zip" ek :(

piero said...

thanks for the beautiful music difficult to find

piero said...

thanks for the beautiful music, difficult to find

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