Hop onto The Baghdaddies magic carpet for an amazing musical trip traversing many corners of the earth. The Baghdaddies have been astounding audiences throughout Europe for many years with their anarchic melange of traditional European and world musical styles of all eras, throwing them together to form an infectious unique brand of music that never fails to have audiences jumping around in a frenzy !!

The Baghdaddies play an eclectic mish-mash of musical merriment, an ideal accompaniment to dancing, drinking, partying and shopping. The band formed in 1996 and since then have released four albums. They have toured and gigged extensively throughout the UK and Europe. On stages far and wide, big and small, on the streets, in village halls, the music appeals to all.

Their sound is influenced by music from throughout the world. from the Roma wedding, brass band and gypsy music of Eastern Europe, through reggae, ska, calypso, jazz and punk rock. The Baghdaddies always maintain a truly happy and seriously danceable side to their music.

Fourth full-length from the Geordie Gypsies

"The riotous five-piece from Newcastle - firm favourites on the festival circuit - return with their fourth album of fun and frolics. The title is regional slang for 'See you later', and it's a collection of original songs and a couple of trad tunes sung in English and Welsh, ranging from pavement buskers' Gypsy-jazz to full throttle Balkan wedding-band frenzy.

There's an entertaining theatrical element of comedy and satire. Lyrics have a tongue-in-cheek humour as in 'Wonder Woman' ('you make me so domesticated, you just wash, I can dry'), and 'Not Drowning But Raving' ('forever bloody waiting for the rain to keep away... will we reach the stars or will we stay in bed?').

Influences are wide-ranging. While the Balkan brass is prevalent, there is also a fair share of klezmer, jazz, ska and punk - an anarchic fusion where Ivo Papasov meets The Clash meets The Beat. There are also shades of calypso as in 'Sweet Girl', tango ('Multibubble'), and the animated vocal style is sometimes reminiscent of Dr John.

The band have a particular flair for the Balkans and capture its frenetic energy and flamboyance wonderfully. 'Gream Parelli' is a highly playful trad Bulgarian tune and its rapid, winding melody is played here by the sax. 'Dongle' is typical of the Romanian doina, a freeform style also common in klezmer and Gypsy music. The Baghdaddies have given us another fresh and funky dose of their quirky concoction of party tomfoolery."

Tatiana Rucinska

01. Ramiros Theme
02. We Try
03. Wonder Woman
04. Ramiros
05. Not Drowning but Raving
06. Multibubble
07. Cwch
08. Mudfight
09. Gream Pareli
10. Sweet Girl
11. Dongle

Ziad Jabero: guitar, vox
Paul Ruddick: sax, flute, vox
Martin Douglas: drums, vox
Nigel Kirkpatrick: trumpet, vox
Paul Susans: bass, vox


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I heard the Baghdaddies at a legalise cannabis event in London about ten years ago, they were great. Thanks for posting.

Keith said...

My own music collection is sadly short of good, energetic gypsy type music, so I'm very happy to have discovered your site today. I downloaded quite a few but so far have gotten hung up on listening to this Baghdaddies' album, which is great!

Any chance you might have some of their other albums you might be willing to share? I did some searching yesterday and they're pretty hard to find.

Have you heard Jason Webley or Circus Contraption? They sort of fall into this genre. I'd be happy to upload some of you like. Return the favor for sharing so much good music.

Anonymous said...

The bass player/vocalist on this is actually the original bass player of the band - pete maynard i'm sure he wrote a couple of the tracks as well

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