This release represents the diverse roster of artists on the Hungarian label Periferic Records. Folk, World, Ethno-World, whatever you want to call it, it is all great music and a great introduction to what is happening both in the folk and more contemporary field of music in Hungary today. Some familiar names and some new ones, all however exploring the rich heritage of Hungarian Folk Music.

"While editing this CD I thought a label needs to have a compilation CD like this, because this is a simple and good way to represent the activity of Periferic Records. Compiling one song after the other it became more and more clear for me that this CD will not provide only promotional purposes. Simply it is good to listen to the compositions. I hope many music lovers feel as I feel: these songs are all fantastic pieces of the last one or two years. I hope you are going to listen to the music with such appriciations as I have felt pleasure for compiling and releasing this CD."

Böszörményi Gergely

01. Lux – Túl a vizen egy kosár
02. Karikás – Hová mész?
03. Kormorán – Magyar rapszódia
04. Hungarian World Music Orchestra – Come Danube
05. Attacca – Addig babám
06. Ágoston Trió – Iafia
07. Bokros – Pista bácsi
08. Dűvő - Tánczene
09. Vasmalom – Gergelytánc
10. Khanci Dos – Na Dara Chajorrije
11. Vujicsics – Nile Sala
12. Binder Károly – Pünkösdi rózsa
13. Om Art Formation – Bulgaristan
14. Dobos Gyula – New Pangea




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