In this recording we have tried to demonstrate the variety and beauty of Hungarian folk music through our choices of Hungarian, Romanian and Transylvanian pieces.”

Csík Band

Specialty of the record is that we can discover a new side of Mihály Dresch, a giant of home jazz as member of the Csík Group. We can see that he is just as excellent in playing authentic folkmusic as he is in improvising when there is space for it.

1. "Boldog szomorú dal" / Happy Sad Song - Music for escorting the bride.
2. Magyarszováti furulya muzsika / Flute Music From Magyarszovát
3. Összerázás és négyes / Shaking And Dance For Two Couples From Magyarszovát
4. Román népzene Erdélybõl / Romanian Folk Music From Transylvania
5. Alföldi nóták / Tunes From The Great Plain
6. Hallgató és magyar csárdás / Listening Tune And Hungarian Csárdás From Heves County, Hungary
7. Szórakoztató muzsika / "Light music" From Erdõszombattelke, Northern Mezõség
8. Bogártelki hajnali csárdás és sebescsárdás / Lament (music played at dawn), Csárdás And Fast Csárdás From Bogártelke
9. Halotti mars / Funeral March From Gyimesközéplok

János Csík - violin, voice
Tibor Mészáros - violin
Mariann Majorosi - voice
Mihály Dresch Dudás - flute, saxophone
Zoltán Nagy - cimbalom
Lóránt Vass - viola, kontra
Tibor Csente - double bass

Tamás Kunos - kontra, viola
Róbert Liber - viola
Ferencz Németh - voice




Anonymous said...

Nagyon szép

I got that recording 5 years ago and it is really good: repertoire and performance

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this album up, unfortunatly the password provided doesnt seem to work!

Bluesmen said...

I do not know it what may be your problem...
I checked it, at me good, and somebody else did not indicate that he would be a mistake.
Did you write the password in punctually, well?

Anonymous said...

I copy and pasted the password into the field, so it should have been exactly what you put in... is the username "bluesmen"?

Bluesmen said...

The password:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your upload, I'm quickly falling in love with Hungarian folk music.

Michał from Poland

Anonymous said...

Sajnos nekem sem mukodik a jelszo / Unfortunately the pass doesn´t work :(

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