"Chirgilchin is from the republic of Tuva in Russia, west of Mongolia. It was created in 1996 when the three musicians were still 18 (the girl) and 20 years old (the two boys). This is their first CD and a remarkable one at that. The particularity of Tuvan music is throat singing (also called sometimes diphonic singing), found in many Asian countries, but in ways that are found solely in Tuva. Throat singing is a way of using the throat to produce two sounds or notes at the same time with the voice (these notes being harmonics produced by the throat). Tuvans developed five different ways of producing these sounds. Ondar Mongun-ool, the throat singer, shows at his young age an incredible mastery of this so particular and amazing way of singing. These three young musicians are simply mesmerizing. What they offer on this CD are not only songs and beautiful music, but a part of themselves, of who they are through their music."

Bruno Deschênes , All Music Guide

01. Homudal - Man's Sad Song
02. Darlaashkyn - Freedom Song
03. Borannadyr Solo
04. Konturei
05. Chirgilchin - Mirage
06. Kozhai - Aidysmaa Kandans Native Land
07. Kara Duruya - Black Crane
08. Majalykta Chylgymmy - Lyric Song
09. Kyrgan Boru - The Wolf And The Kid
10. Kolkhozchu Maen - Collective Farmer
11. Khaian - Girls From Ulug - Khema
12. Erge Chokka Choranymny - Woman Without Rights
13. Bai-Taiga
14. Ak-La Bashtyg Avaiymny - Whitehaired Mother
15. Teve - Khaya - Camel - Rock
16. Oshku Dotpeleer

Ondar Mongun-ool (vocals, morin-khuur, chantzy, doshpulur, sygyt, sygyt khomei kargyraa, sygyt khomei bell, igil)
Aidysmaa Kandan (vocals, tungur)
Tamdyn Aldar (igil)
Additional personnel: Alexander Bapa (guitar)


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


kg said...

hello and thank you for your blog. i was very surprised and pleased to find this. however 9 of the 16 files unzip to be defective. would it be possible to re-up the entire folder? much appreciation!

dee es said...

This is great! Thank you.

Jane said...

Thanks very much! I saw some Tuvan music last weekend and looking forward to more.

Sister Hairy Hymen said...

Password dosent work.

Anonymous said...

Muito obrigado. Há muito queria esse CD.
A senha correta é: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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