René Lacaille is the musical embodiment of the unique Creole culture of the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion, incorporating African, Indian, Madagascan and European rhythms and instruments. On the album Mapou, this remarkable singer, accordion player, guitarist and extraordinary songster tells the story of his troubadour life, which highlights the evolution of the music of La Réunion and features (among others) the fascinating styles of séga and maloya.

"Music fans will have to read the informative liner notes to Rene Lacaille's Mapou to get a detailed explanation of how Creole culture came to La Reunion, which is a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Like Creoles everywhere, the La Reunion's culture is a mixed one: in this case made up of slaves and free people from Africa, India, Madagascar, Europe and China. Son of a working musician who played events of all kinds on the island, Lacaille has broad range of styles at his disposal. The album opens with an African-influenced "Madina" (featuring ukulele, triangle, and bongos) and moves through a very fulfilling but varied 20-song program where elements of tango, bolero, cha cha cha and calypso come out in such local strains as sega and maloya. Singing in Creole, Lacaille's voice is warm and inviting even to those who don't speak the language. A veritable inside-out version of western hemisphere Creole music, Mapou is a one-of-a-kind listening experience."

Tad Hendrickson

01. Madina
02. Ogardanou
03. La Bou Dan Fon
04. Lusaka
05. Game Zoboc
06. Isis
07. La Mandoz
08. Atmosfer
09. Kiz'n Man
10. Mazurka 28
11. Dalonaz
12. Titep
13. Pecheur Quat'sou
14. Sega 58
15. Zamalgamer
16. La Roses Si Feuilles Songes
17. Cabaret Sam
18. Quand Moin La Quitte Mon Pays
19. Lo Ker I Bat
20. Cos Cote




dugg said...

What a treat to find this recording!!!
I enjoy his music a lot, and actually spent some time with him a few years ago at a music conference in Marseille.... great player, crazy man!
all the best,

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