"Once upon a time in Hungary a group of young and talented people – who had otherwise not much common points – agreed that they will show their compatriots and to the whole world that the saying “the Hungarian rejoices crying” is absolutely false. In the music of Yava Folcore Punk Brigade the folk songs are not artefacts of museums or worldmusic-like commercial products but pulsating energy which is not only intertwined with the musical traditions of the Middle East or Indonesia but also with hardcore punk music. After long waiting the debut album of the band will be coming out in November 2008 and the band that already had several international gigs is ready to conquer the world.
Yava was established by the bassist of the legendary band “Galloping Coroners” (VHK), Adam Mestyan and Polett Dus in 2001 and their very different characters define the main features of the band. Polett today is the editor in chief of a radio station but before she played as an actor in a travelling company, was a folk-musician and then lived for a long time in Indonesia where she studied the ancient arts of “wayang” and the “gamelan” music. Adam was graduated as an Arabist and lived in North Africa and later one year in Kuwait. In 2002, the folk musician Szabolcs Roka joined the band who is the master of the Hungarian “koboz” and the Arabic-Turkish oud. From 2004 the also legendary VHK-member guitarist Fritz Laszlo Nemeth joined the band while the progressive metal-drummer Kristof Szabo is the youngest member.
In the inimitable music of the YAVA FOLCOR PUNK BRIGADE it can happen that the bass will answer to the themes of the bagpipe. Who does not believe this, listen to this magic how the different musical traditions of different nations are united, how the medieval songs and instruments are joined to punk and hardcore melodies."

01. Szerelem
02. Tizenkettö
03. Ó, Castília
04. Indonéz
05. Mire vársz
06. Gen 36
07. Rejtsetek el engem
08. Kezemet homokba
09. Üsküdari mese
10. Aranytoll
11. Izzott nyögött
12. Hergetés


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, it's awesome!
Greetz from Germany

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