Vándor Vokál (Wanderer Vocal) has been a regular performer in various Hungarian clubs and dance-houses: Falkafolk, Csik, Ghymes, Méz, Rila, Méta, Tatros, Zurgó, Martenica, Fonó, House of Traditions, Muzsikás.

As the name itself suggests - the old Hungarian word 'vándor' means wanderer - the group stages East European and Balkan vocal polyphony, using the authentic and original attributes mixed with the members' own style and ideas.

Vándor Vokál was established from pupils of Klára Bodza, folk singer and music teacher of the "Nádasdy Kálmán" Music School in Budapest. Musical education, coupled with regular participation in field - recording trips have helped the members to master the versatility of melodies and styles characteristic of East European and Balkan folk music.

The group has been actively involved in the music life of Hungary, performing in various folk music clubs, dance-houses and festivals, including the annual Dance-house Festival in Budapest, the Kaláka Festival in Diósgyőr, the Ost-West Festival in Kőszeg and the Vujicsics Festival in Szentendre.

In addition to this CD release they are featured on several folk music albums and CD's like the 'Táncháztalálkozó'-Dance House Festival; 'Élő Népzene'-Living Village Music- (Evening Song).
Band members - history
Tünde Farkas, Kata Izsák, Judit Szluka, Szilvia Bognár have worked together since November 1998. In 2000 Bea Palya joined the group. Meanwhile Bea left. Her place was taken by Katalin Bakó. Szilvia Bognár and Navi, also former members of the band, have left.

It was formed in 1990 in Budapest from Hungarian folk singers. After several field recording trips to East-European countries the repertoire has been enlarged with Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Slovakian, Ruthenian and Corsican songs in addition to the Hungarian ones. In our performance we try to be as close to the original as possible while adding our own ideas to the songs.
In the future we would like to go on discovering and presenting more peoples' folk tunes.
The present lineup is:
Szilvia Bognár: ethnographer, folk dancer, sings with several folk an world-music groups.
Tünde Farkas: majored in aesthetics and Romanian at ELTE, flarnenco dancer and singer.
Kata Izsák: majored in English and history at ELTE, the mother of two, dancer, the contact persen of the group.
Andrea Navratil: Biologist, wolfmother, the singer of Zurgó folk-music group, song and step master of dancehouses for children.

01. Magyarbődi dalok zene nélkül
02, Magyarbődi dalok zenével
03. Szlovák dalok
04. Szerb, horvát, bolgár dalok
05. Mama si
06. Magyar dalok Moldvából
07. Gyimes
08. Kalotaszeg
09. Kihajtottam(Szászcsávás)

Vándor Vokál:
Izsák Kata (voice)
Farkas Tünde (voice)
Bognár Szilvia (voice)
Bakó Katalin (voice)


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