"Since the first volume of this Network Medien series came out in 1995, the whole notion of "Desert Blues" has become more familiar, even to the point where not every song on a double CD like this has to necessarily fit the description (a description that, since first coined, has been open to varied interpretation anyway). All that's really needed are great songs from the Saharan regions, and there are loads of them here. Not a lot of the featured artists were on the first two volumes, so there's a healthy amount of freshness here.

You can start just about anywhere with blow-by-blow descriptions: rootsy rai from Khaled, elegant kora work by Toumani Diabate, rockish excursions courtesy of Tinariwen, etc. If you want a quick summation, the back cover offers one: "Recently discovered finest ballads from Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea, Niger, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia." I suppose "finest ballads" does at least as well as "desert blues" in describing the music here, which represents everything from griot tradition to jazz and classical fusion. Actually, as more Saharan artists and countries increase their presence on the global music scene, collections like this will continue to be necessary in keeping up with the work of established stars (Gigi, Oumou Sangare, Habib Koite), newer or lesser-known names (Bako Dagnon, Idrissa Soumaoro) and even non-Africans who successfully get in on the action (Markus James, Kronos Quartet). There's over two hours of superb sounds on this set, the illustrated liner notes are informative and thoughtful, and it's essential listening even if you missed the first two installments."

Tom Orr

Disc 1.

01. Djelimandy Tounkara - Fanta
02. Idrissa Soumaoro - M´ba Den
03. Souad Massi - Raoui
04. Khaled - Wahrane, Wahrane
05. Tiris - El Nabi
06. Booubacar Traore & Regis Gizavo - Kanou
07. Markus James - Dream After
08. Bako Dagnon - Lassidan
09. Fula Flute - Keme Bourema
10. Gigi - Bati Bati
11. Cherif M´baw - Baayo
12. Abdouolaye Alhassane Toure
13. Rokia Traore & Kronos Quartett - Bownboï
14. Toumani Diabate & Ali Farka Touri - Ai Ga Bani

Disc 2.

01. Dhafer Youssef - A Kind Of Love
02. Seckou Keita Quartet - Tounga
03. Ali Farka Toure - Penda Yoro
04. Boubacar Traore - Kar Kar
05. Malouma - Yarab
06. Bassekou Kouyate & Lobi - Traore Banani
07. Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou - Imidiwan
08. N´gou Bagayoko - Kulu
09. Tinariwen - Izarharh Tenere
10. Oumou Sangare - Djorolen
11. Habib Koite - Mali Ba
12. Amadou & Mariam - Ce N´est Pas Bon
13. Getatchew Mekurya - Eywat Sstenfegagn
14. Gigi - Ethiopia

CD 1.
CD 2.


Anonymous said...


Nagy öröm ez a blog számomra, mert zenékre, mint művészeti ágakra fogékonynak tartom magam és a széles zenei tudásomat ez csak teljesebbé teszi. Napi szinten járok vissza ide, haladok a régi bejegyzések felé, archiválok. Csak így tovább!

Bluesmen said...


Nagyon örülök, hogy tetszik a blog...:)
Remélem, mindig találsz majd kedvedre való zenét.

Anonymous said...

Rengeteg idő és profi munka, igazi oázis.
Minden elismerésem és tiszteletem érte.

Köszönöm még egyszer.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful mix of worldwide musicmasters. thank you for the possibility!

GuillermoBlogeado said...

I pass you my links with better quality of this masterpiece:

mp3 at 320kbps
Disc 1

Disc 2



Nass said...

A monstrous thank from me to you for this wonderful , wonderful blog . I discoverd so many great tunes , and all the links are working ! So " chapeau " for that ...I am obliged to you a lot !
And as an african , i discovered music i never thought it existed !!!
Big hugs to !

Nass said...

Hi again !

The 2 flac links contain the same ! Disc 1 ! I only noticed after unzipping both . Link one is bigger because it holds the booklet scans .
Can you please reupload CD2 in flac ?
Thanks a lot in advance . In german they say : Irren ist menschlich ! It means : Humans are born to make mistakes .

Nass said...

It´s me again ! The mistake is that the tracks of CD 2 have the same titles as CD1 . So anyone can untitle them ..Happy it ´s only that simple :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for this blog! I'm brazilian and it's really hard to have access to good african music.

I couldn't download any one of the Cds 'Deset Blues'
Do you think it's possible to upload them again?
I would really appreciate that!


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