"This steamy little disc of Russian and Romanian gypsy music is a case of musicus interruptus. Over in less than a half-hour, it leaves the listener panting for more. Though packaged as a nicely finished product, it is really more of a polished demo than anything else. But this New York based octet has a lot to offer. Every track is crisp and danceable, with sassy, jazzy horns, crashing percussion, and throbbing accordion. Vocalist Inna Barmash warbles as slinkily as a Balkan Edith Piaf.

Her work on "Tanya (A Secret)" is smoldering. On "Rustemul," guitarist Joey Weisenberg and violinist Jake Shulman-Ment set up a down-and-dirty near-rock groove that is picked up by the horns, but alas, at less than two minutes, it's over too soon. Winner of the best subtitle award is "Zaznobila & Baro Foro (She messed with my head in the great city)." It's a fun party song that lives up to the promise of its name. The bonus track is a scratchy, retrofied version of "Tanya." Then, just when the dancers are getting warmed up, it's over. More, more, more!"

Peggy Latkovich

01. Mariana
02. Loli Phabay (The Red Apple)
03. Shimdiggy
04. Tayna (A Secret)
05. La Circuma de la Drum (The Tavern on the Road)
06. Rostemul
07. Zaznobila & Baro Foro (Shes Messed With My Head in the Great City)
08. Moldovan Batuta

Inna Barmash (vocals),
Jake Shulman-Ment (violin),
Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin (viola),
Jeff Perlman (clarinet & saxophone),
Ben Holmes (trumpet),
Patrick Farrell (accordion),
Joey Weisenberg (guitar),
Ron Caswell (tuba),
Timothy Quigley (drums & percussion)


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


zeporro said...

thanks you for the album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting and presenting your resourceful blog.Looks like we follow same music.
Greatly appreciated your effort and, I must say,knowledge.Bravo.
Romashka brings some new variations.I loved 'Rostemul' song and The Red Apple interpretation is 'from the heart'. All the best to you and all amazing bloggers.Romani/roma/gypsy music is a joy for my heart. Australia loves 'WeLove_Music'. Cheers all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and so many other wonderful music offerings! I cannot say enough how much your effort is appreciated. You have introduced me (and others) to so much amazing music. Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

To fellow travellers, buy it here:

Help support artists as well as enjoying the sea of music out there...

thanks again

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