"Recorded live in Bordeaux.
Developed over the last 15 years, Song of the Lodz Ghetto is a unique musical work, a song cycle in which memory and imagination freely interact to create a Proustian journey between present and past. At the center are Brave Old World's arrangements of the rare Jewish street and cabaret songs from the Nazi ghetto of Lodz, Poland, 1940-44. Leading through the Lodz repertoire like stepping-stones through the river of memory are Brave Old World's own original compositions, reflections on 17 years of performing Jewish music. Michael Alpert's moving Berlin 1990 forms the emotional and musical counterpoint to the passionate and ironic street songs of the bard of the Lodz ghetto, Yankele Herszkowicz. A musical and spiritual journey of resistance, love, and reconciliation."

"...this collection illustrates the power of the creative consciousness to survive, even thrive, in the most harrowing of circumstances."

Los Angeles Times, July 17, 2005

01. Rumkovski Kayim/Lodzh-fidl
02. Lodzh-overtur
03. A gants fayn mazltov
04. Nisht nor simkhe/Veynendiks
05. Vayl ikh bin a yidele
06. S'Iz Kaydankes, kaytn
07. Kimts in herts/Rumkovski Khayim
08. Yikhes/Vinter 1942
09. Makh tsi di eygelekh
10. Berlin 1990 (Refren)
11. Es Geyt a Yeke
12. Ver Klapt du Azoy?/Geto varyant
13. Geto, getunya
14. Kuyavyak
15. Amerike Hot Erklert/Kemfn!
16. Berlin 1990
17. Lodzh-coda
18. Bobover Khupe-Marsh/Rumkovski Khayim

Alan Bern: musical director, accordion, piano
Michael Alpert: vocals, fiddle, percussion, guitar
Kurt Bjorling: clarinet, bass clarinet
Stuart Brotman: bass, cello, cymbalom, trombone, fiddle



Zooey Glass said...

for all the music already downloaded and for future downloads - thank you very much!

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