Ditties. About lovers, happy and unhappy brides, parting and letting go, courage, love and predestination... All this is put into words and melody with the help of Hungarian folksongs, completed by a poetical song of the Chuvash in which they praise their relatives, also by a fine, elegantly dancing short Cheremis song, and a Bulgarian mountain song that sounds sharply from afar.

01. Az én szemem / My Eyes
02. Te kisleány / Little Girl
03. Hegyen s földön / Mountains and Valleys
04. De jó együtt / How Fine It Is Together
05. Este van / Evening Has Come
06. Ága-boga / The Flowers of the Wreath
07. Zaljubih / Mother, I Fell in Love
08. Kék szivárvány / Blue Rainbow
09. A szeretet próbája / A Test of True Love
10. Szemünk-lelkünk / Our Eyes and Souls
11. Ádil hullám / The Waves of Volga
12. El vagyon rendelve / Our Destiny Has Already Been Settled

Szilvia Bognár - voice
Péter Bede - saxophone, shepherd's flute
János Gerzson - oud
Krisztián Rácz - acoustic and electric guitar
Csaba Gyulai - percussion, gadulka
Zoltán Kovács - double bass, bass guitar, violin, vocal
István Pál "Szalonna" - violin
Balázs Thurnay - kaval, shepherd's flute, marimba, vocal

Special guests:
Ágnes Herczku - voice
Ági szalóki - voice


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

For the CD big thanks for Frankie!


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