Ferenc Snétberger, born in 1957 in Salgotarjan, Hungary, lives in Berlin, Germany since 1988. Inspired by his father, a musician who played harp, trumpet and guitar, Ferenc started formal studies of classical guitar at age 13. Later he seriously took up the jazz guitar and studied at the jazz conservatory in Budapest. Melting jazz improvisation into his classical technique and gypsy roots, he was to become one of Europe's most original and virtuosic guitar players.

Snétberger has to his credit 18 years as a professional musician and several recordings with Trio Stendhal, as a soloist and - on his ENJA debut "Signature" - with his own trio and quartet. He has performed in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, India and other countries. He also took part in many radio and TV productions and as a soloist with big bands (e.g. with Ernie Wilkins). On stage he met with such as Didier Lockwood, Anthony Jackson, James Moody and David Friedman.

As an unaccompanied soloist, Ferenc Snétberger displays his artistry in a very personal, multi-cultural style that defies categories. He easily assimilates influences from Brazilian, Spanish, classical, gypsy and jazz traditions. Snétberger himself considers his 1996 concert at the Budapest academy "the finest performance I ever did."

01. Budapest Mood
02. Springtime In Winter
03. Song To The East
04. Brazil
05. The Dophin
06. Little Bossa
07. Variation
08. Tangoa Free
09. Bossa For Egberto
10. Manha De Carnaval
11. Budapest Encore


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Politano said...

As a brazilian with hungarian roots, listen a hungarian musician playing brazilian music is pure emotion!!!

Unknown said...

This has got to be the best solo guitar album I have ever heard in my life. :D

Thanks a lot for this as well as for everything else on this blog.

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