"Multicolored whirlwind of Serbian and Romanian dances leaves nobody untouched, whether Drobinska plays in underground Lisboa cafe or suburban Gasprom castle. Wedding melodies from south Slavic villages bring a sense of an unforgettable celebration, open to everybody.

Oleg Drobinski (clarinet, bagpipes, flutes, bouzouki) founded the band in 2003 after traveling in Balkans, studying in Chishinau conservatory and living a while in France.
Dmitri Ignatov (bass, bouzouki, percussion), universal musician, whose range spreads from medieval music to rock`n`roll.
Maxim Karpychev (saxphone, clarinet), graduated in Odessa conservatory, comes from Krymea, Ucraine.
Alexander Romitsyn (drums and percussion) before moving to Moscow played with different bands in his hometown Kazan, capital of Tartar republic.
Basem Al-Ashkar (al oud, - Arabian luth) native of Palestine, came to Russia to study classical music on the violin, but kept link to his roots playing al oud."

01. Atojska Rachenitsa (Bulgarian Dance)
02. Nani Nani (Moldavian Lullaby)
03. Injevska Gaida (Macedonian Bagpipe Tune)
04. Slobozine A Gazde-N Casa (Romanian Christmas Carol)
05. Nouae Optimi (Macedonian)
06. Cozacul Batrinilor (Romanian Dance From Bukovina)
07. Duni Mi, Duni (Serbian Love Song)
08. Velikdensko Oro (Bulgarian Easter Dance)
09. Imam Sluzhba (Bulgarian Song About Going To The Army)
10. Kopenitsa (Bulgarian Dance)
11. Mi Badita (Moldavian Love Song)
12. Pravo Lesnoto Oro (Makedonian)


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Indier said...

great blog,thanks

Anonymous said...

This Dobrinska album was even better than the previous one. Thank you for introducing me to this excellent band.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot from Switzerland!
Where would I get a recording of these fantastic groups of European traditional music elsewhere than in your blog?
Not in my country where we hear only main stream Anglo-saxon music in all medias!!!
Keep it alive for a long time!

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