Romano Drom practises music as a freedom. A way of discovering, accessing and sharing the world. Far from confining themselves to a gypsy folklore often claimed by the "gadgés", the Antal Kovács father and son group makes capital of new tones and instruments, common elsewhere but unusual in the Hungarian Olahs tradition which often includes 'domestic percussion' played on aluminium pots, spoons and other utensils in support of the singing. This process may seem obvious to a number of musicians. For them, when one understands the hard nature of their lives and the fact that they are always torn between their loaded tradition and the clarion call of post-modernity, it becomes a question of demanding work from the ferryman of culture. These few songs encapsulate this transition and Romano Drom is at the forefront of this new generation of gypsy music.

01.Dema Mama
02.Chi Mangav Me!
03.E Bax
05.Mishtoj Mange
08.Ande Pacha
09.Na Rov Gazhi
10.Duma Boldav
12.O Milaj
13.Ande Lindri

Antal "Anti" Kovács Jr. - guitar, lead and backing vocals, churn, spoons, percussion
Antal "Gojma" Kovács - lead and backing vocals
József "Joco" Balogh - lead and backing vocals, guitar
Zsigmond "Csika" Rafael - milk churn, vocal bass

Zoltán Orosz - accordion
László Molnár -double bass
Mónika Lakatos - lead vocals
János Bárzsanyi - saxophone
Róbert "Harcsa" Farkas - violin
Mihály Rostás - vocal bass, churn, cajon, percussions




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