Čompe was established in 1994. Its music probes street language as well as Slovene modern poetry (including several poems written by Dane Zajc, Milan Jesih, Edvard Kocbek and Andrej Rozman-Roza), and reflects irony as well as joie de vivre, music virtuosity and dilettantism, revolution and devolution with zeal and humour.
Čompe's musical expression is characterised by the blending together of a range of different genres including, apart from folk-like music, chanson, jazz, cabaret and rock music.

01. Ibrzniki (Intruders)
02. Uvodna (Uwodna)
03. Uspavanka za dnevno rabo (A Lullaby for Daily Use)
04. Roze noci (Flowers of Night)
05. Himalaya . predzadnja pesem (The Himalayas . The Penultimate Poem)
06. Potepuh (The Tramp)
07. Francoz (Good Ol' French)
08. Repa (Turnips)
09. Regi (ti si bila...) (Reggae (You Were...)
10. Garaca (Garratcha)
11. Dva vrana (Two Crows)
12. Cloveska ribica (The Human Fish)

Silvo Zupančič – guitar
Neža Zinaić – violin
Marjan Stanič – drums/bells
Janez Škof – diatonic accordeon/voice
Žiga Saksida – alt/bariton sax
Breda Krumpak – alt sax


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


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