Since the Eighties, five men and two women from the northern French town of Angers have gelled together into a music community with an invented name, Lo’Jo. This group brings together sounds culled during their endless globe-trotting performances. Reggae, Arabic dance, French folk music and Paris trance all fuse to bring a deeply political message of multi-cultural tolerance and curiosity best enjoyed live.

"I've loved the sound of Lo'Jo from the first time I laid ears on them. They're funky and danceable, though ominous clouds always lurk on their horizon. Their music blends the circus and the city, North Africa and Europe, village and nightclub. This generous 26-song best-of compilation includes cuts from last year's Bazar Savant all the way back to 1993's Fils de Zamal. Even if you can't tell what they're singing, you can appreciate Denis Péan's dark growl, the unique vocal harmonies of sisters Yamina and Nadia Nid El Mourid, and the tight sound of Lo'Jo collective of musicians. Among the tracks are some of our favorites -- including "Senor Calice" and "Sin Acabar" -- along with some songs new to us, such as the reggae-tinged "Woman Intuition," which appeared on the 1994 Lo'Jo EP G7 of Destruction and Artisans of Peace. If you don't know Lo'Jo, this compilation will remedy that in short order. If you do, it's still a worthwhile addition to your collection. Get it direct from France if you have to, but by all means support this wonderful collective of musicians and the conscious global music they're creating!"

Scott Allan Stevens

01. Bernardo
02. Brian Gun
03. Mandeed Soul
04. A L'Ar Des Audacieux
05. Le Piano
06. Dobosz
07. Moon P
08. Senor Calice
09. Un Grand Voyage
10. Une Petite Chanson
11. C'Est La Vie
12. Sin Acabar
13. Magdalena
14. Fils De Zamal
15. Mojo
16. Woman Intuition
17. Au Cabaret Sauvage
18. Be North
19. Siempre
20. La Danseuse
21. Mandeed
22. Rwandamnation
23. Si Jamais Si
24. Dans La Poussi Du Temps
25. YKi
26. Bra Me

Renaud Pion - Clarinet (Bass), Flute (Bass), Saxophone, Turkish Clarinet
Peter Deimel - Keyboards
Pascal Monjanel - Keyboards
Jacquie Turner - Keyboards
Charles Vander Elst - Keyboards
Mephisto - Sax (Tenor)
Dierdre Dubois - Chant
Mehdi Haddab - Oud
René Lacaille - Accordion
Denis Péan - Flute, Clavier, Sampling, Chant, Percussion
Richard Zenou - Contrabass
Richard Bourreau - Kora, Imzad, Clavier, Sanza, Violone
Nicolas Gallard - Percussion, Guimbri, Clavier, Drums
Pascal Garnon - Keyboards
Jean Paul Romann - Keyboards, Mastering
Peter Kendall - Keyboards
Sami Ben Said - Accordion
Eric Aubry - Basse
David Husser - Keyboards
Rafik Ahmed - Sarangui
Benoît Avihoue - Percussion, Rap, Brass, Arranger
Yuki Okazaki - Clarinet, Voices
Iain Burgess - Keyboards




Anonymous said...

This is awesome! World music with an edge. Buy, buy, buy!

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