In the liner notes to this, her first album, renowned Romany-Moravian vocalist and pianist Ida Kelarova dedicates her first album to the memory of her father, a Gypsy musician. This release is full of all pain of her father's death and her Moravian mother's rejection of Ida's Gypsy heritage. Track six, "Joj Mamo," is an old Gypsy song about motherly love which takes on the significance of a hymn as Kelarova ignores the original rhythmic arrangement and is carried by pure, desperate emotion. Keralova says,"When my father died, I could not cry, but I was singing, and I have sung ever since. He always told me, "Open your throat, open your heart, do not fear anything and sing."

01. O Postaris
02. Chodila Po Poli
03. Dzajori Romanio
04. Lakhere Bala
05. Joj Mamo
06. Ej Hora Hora
07. Som Roma Som
08. Andro Foros
09. Jsem Lehka
10. Ukolebavka




Anonymous said...

Very impressive, moving music.
Patricia Barber of Hungary.

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