Formed in 1991, the Egschliglen (translating loosely as "Beautiful Melody") project aims to take the traditional rhythms and instrumentation of Mongolian folk music and adapt them for contemporary listening - adding innovation, experimentation and playfulness to the mix, rather than simply playing their way note-for-note through the ancient standards.

Central to this is the art of "koommii", traditional Mongolian "throat-singing", which evolved as a way of imitating the sounds of nature, such as the mountains, the rivers and the wind. So far, so romantic. However, to Western ears, this deep, resonating overtone growl can be somewhat hard work, and rather than evoking the wide, open plains of Mongolia, instead conjures up images of Hanna Barbera's Captain Caveman creation in the throes of a heavy bout of food-poisoning, or something from a Reeves and Mortimer sketch.

The album often works best when the koomii is given a bit of respite. The epic, cinematic "Nutgiin Zamd" builds beautifully, ending up where Chinese and Russian folk-music meets a Sergio Leone Western soundtrack. On slower pieces such as "Huurhun Haliun", the slightly discordant soundscape even draws parallels with the violin-heavy sounds of the first Velvet Underground album. Final track "Bau'rin" even re-works a childlike Bavarian peasant-song in the Mongolian-style, and it works like a dream.

Gereg is a genuinely intriguing and overall rewarding release - just figure out your stance on Mongolian throat-singing in advance.

01. Hunnu
02. Govin Magtaal
03. Duuren Zaan
04. Aisui Hulgiin Tuvurguun
05. Jaran Zagaan Aduu
06. Meeneg
07. Nutgiin Zamd
08. Huurhun Haliun
09. Uran Has Baletiin Adagio
10. Byan Hishig Daa Tam
11. Udelt
12. Shigshergiin ai
13. Chamaigaa Gelgui Yahav
14. Zezegtei Harmai
15. Bäu’rin (hat die Katz verlor’n)

Migdorj Tumenbayar - 1st moriin khuur, vocals, 2nd moriin khuur, vocals
Amartuwshin Baasandorj - khöömii solo vocals, tobshuur, percussion
Uuganbaatar Tsend-Ochir - ih khuur
Sarangerel Tserevsamba - joochin, percussion, vocals
Ariunaa Tserendavaa - dance
Taivan Chimeddoo - presenter




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