"What do you know of the island of Reunion, which lies west of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean? Little, probably, beyond the fact that its local people produce sugar, and that rich tourists bask in the sun. If you listen to Digdig, you'll get a whole new perspective: what that globe-trotting guitarist Bob Brozman has done in this particular collaboration is to celebrate an intoxicating musical style entirely different from any other. His musical guru here is the multi-talented René Lacaille, who moves effortlessly between the guitar, accordion, and sundry percussion instruments as well as singing the local ballads; what these two musicians get up to together has irresistible charm. Their duets are fast and fluent, and when backed by Lacaille's percussionist go at a dizzy pace. As befits an island with global links, there are echoes of many other musics here--French, Latin-American, Arab, Portuguese--but they all combine into a gloriously heady brew. The songs seem casually tossed off like improvisations, but you can sense the intricate work which has gone into these dazzling instrumental tracks. This CD is seriously addictive."

Michael Church

Album Description
L'Ile de la Réunion is the alluring volcanic island situated 600 miles east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and is home to a vibrant culture that is passionate, joyous, sexy and rhythmic. 'Digdig' unlocks the shimmering beauty of this island's music with this magical collaboration between Réunion's accomplished accordionist and guitarist René Lacaille and the guitarist and musical explorer, Bob Brozman.

Colonised by the French 300 years ago who brought slaves from Africa, Madagascar and India mixed with Chinese and Arab immigrants, Réunion has a unique and rich cultural diversity suffused with hybrid vigour and influenced by the forces of nature.

Bob Brozman has dedicated the last twenty years to playing, researching and recording music from numerous islands around the world. He has found that, worldwide, island music resonates with the joy of immediate living, the sorrow of colonial history, and the strength of the people overcoming hardship. It was only a matter of time before the ethnomusicologist and king of the Hawaiian slide guitar stopped off at La Réunion. Brozman and Lacaille began playing together as soon as they met and struck up a great friendship. Brozman says of Lacaille: `the unique musical styles of La Réunion contain some of the world's richest and most soulful sounds. René brings to this already complex music a new level of fiery creativity and innovation, both in composition and in playing'.

Brozman's guitars weave effortlessly through the invigorating tracks that are almost all composed by Lacaille. 'Digdig' is as diverse as it is vibrant and full of humour, mixing the traditional Réunionnais styles of sega (influenced by the French colonists) and maloya (its older African form) with jazz and Southern American blues.

01. Zok
02. 5 O.P. (Syncope)
03. An Dio
04. Lang La
05. Oh! Le La O
06. Fraka
07. Zi Bi Pi Blues
08. Pondaurat
09. Place D'youville
10. Loze
11. Ti Guitar La
12. Debussy A La Reunion
13. Mam'zelle Rico
14. K Ba
15. Maria Ya Ya


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Anonymous said...

I'll bet this music is great, however, I can't open the zip file w/o a password. What is the password? Thanks

Bluesmen said...

The password is there in the last row...

pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Merci. Didn't recognize it for what it was.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've been looking everywhere for that one since I met Bob Brozman at a festival who told me about this great recording.
A thousand thanks for this post (and all the others by the way)

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