"Roma-Bulgarian-Turkish wedding music at its highest quality, with a strong jazzy spice in it. Yuri Yukanov hails from Bulgaria, nearby the Turkish border, and has also family links to Turkey. His biography is rather exciting; Yuri became nationally famous as a box champion, and changed his former Muslim name Husein Huseinov to a Bulgarian name, as in communist Bulgaria you would have no success as a boxer with Muslim name.
Yuri himself is a master on the saxophone, and Yuri's ensemble is full of talent: Ivan Milev on the accordion, Catherine Foster on clarinet, Georgi Petrov on percussion and Lauren Brody on keyboards. The music is mostly wild and fast, with terrific and breathtaking duos on saxophone and accordion. Impressive musicianship, very lively inventive and improvising music. Still I have to say this is not a CD that I could listen to every day - which is not a question of quality but only of personal taste."

2.Ruchenista A La Paganini
3.Albanian Elegy / Macadonian Gaida
4.Suite Ivan
5.Improv Duet
7.Jazz Horo
8.Hot Dog
9.Kyuchek Arabesque

part 1.
part 2.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

first of all thanks a lot for the efforts, for the excellent music,
betters to say tones of music,
the excellent info and the realy
nice design.

Some odd issues prevent to unpack
zip files.

MAc handles easely directories
with a colon ":", Windows stikes if this char appaers.

couly you please pack the files with
path without ":" for poor Windows world ;-)

thnx a lot

Anonymous said...

Very good too when he plays with Papasov.

Ilya said...

Thanks a lot! Great music!

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