Traditional folks songs arranged by Nikola Parov and Márta Sebestyén.
Music of the Balkans married with Irish and Greek, Indian lullabies combine to make this a unique and beautifully delicate recording. As always though it is Marta"s singing that tugs the heart-strings.

"4 Stars - Excellent - more global experiment that works quite beautifully..."

Q Magazine

"...KISMET spans the globe, lovingly and with a loving spirit....There is a cohesion within exploration here..."

"...the gifted Hungarian singer zigzags from Ireland to India, bring[ing] us closer to a 21st-century inevitability --one big worldwide music culture, into which regional sounds are absorbed..."
Entertainment Weekly

" effort to be highly praised..."
Dirty Linen magazine

"...Nobody else has a voice like this: low but sharp as a knife, with a wide, easy vibrato, perfect diction and lazy, looping, Byzantine ornaments..."
Sing Out! magazine

1. Devoiko Mome
2. Sino Moi
3. Leaving Derry Quay / Eleni
4. Gold, Silver Or Love
5. Hindi Lullabye
6. The Shores Of Loch Brann / Hazafelé
7. If I Were A Rose /Ha én rózsa Volnék
8. Imam Sluzhba / The Conscript

Márta Sebestyén - voice
Nikola Parov - guitar, koboz, flute, tambourine, keyboards, bouzouki, kaval, gadulka, clarinet, tambura, gardon, whistles, bass, drum , sequencer programming
Zoltán Lantos - violin
Kornél Horváth - percussion
Péter Éri - mandola
András Berecz - voice




Burak said...

Thanks. Very impressive album. I've loved Marta's voice since I first listened to her.

Anonymous said...

Very-very thanks, I've searched this album a long time ! :)

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