"Already a star in Canada and France, the gifted singer/songwriter Lhasa sets her sights on America with this remarkable multi-cultural effort. The Living Road, the follow-up to her 1998 debut, features her smoky vocals (in French, English, and Spanish) in front with wonderfully understated support that draws upon Mexican folk styles, French chansons, Spanish ballads, and modern-sounding songwriters like Joe Henry or Jim White. The accompaniment is exceptional, but it's Lhasa's voice and lyrics that set her apart. Whereas fellow Mexican-American singer Lila Downs dives into large cultural and political issues, this modern-day torch singer sings about intensely personal experiences and inner thoughts--much of the lyrics are sung in the first person or directed toward another, as if she's writing a letter to a lover. Her sensual phrasing perfectly fits the intimate subject matter, particularly when she sings in French, while her husky timbre exudes inner strength that beyond question. Six years is a long time between albums, but The Living Road was worth the wait. --Tad Hendrickson
If you haven't heard Lhasa, think of Leonard Cohen-like lyrics sung in French by a female with backup music that sounds like Tom Waits."

01. Con Toda Palabra
02. La Marne Huate
03. Anywhere On This Road
04. Abro La Ventana
05. J’arrive A La Ville
06. La Frontera
07. La Confession
08. Small Song
09. My Name
10. Pa’ Llegar A Tu Lado
11. Para el Fin Del Mundo O El Ano Nuevo
12. Soon This Space Will Be Too Small


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hail to you for these ethereal blogspot...i listen to dark metal + ambient + neo-classical thus these endeavour of your's i humbly praise a thousand years ... thank you [from : izard wolves]

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So sad...

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Gracias! es un disco increíble!

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