"La Minor is a Russian band which was founded in 2000. It brings Russian street ballads with influences from the folk and Klezmer influences. The group plays music from the Soviet era and especially the music of gangsters. They like to sing about swindlers, prostitutes, thieves etc. La Minor brings music from the Russian Underworld in a fresh and open minded way. The bayan (Russian accordion) plays a big role in the music and sounds really well. I love the way this instrument gives extra power to the saxophone in the song Death of a jeweller. In Forgive and Farewell Odessa mama, they play some traditional Odessa klezmer that sounds really ancient and brings back the atmosphere of an old Odessa nightclub. La Minor has created a nice cd with music that is Russian in any way. It is professionally played and this Death of a jeweller has a good overall sound."

01. Resnicy / The Eaves
02. Nadja / Nadia
03. Smert' juvelira / Death Of A Jeweler
04. Prosti-Proschaj, Odessa-Mama / Forgive And Farewell, Odessa-Mama
05. L'et dozhdem ijul' (pamjati Hvosta) / July Pours Whith Rain (Memory Of Hvost)
06. Byla vesna / Spring Passed
07. Nemeckaja / German Songs
08. Val'sok / Little Watz
09. O Leningradke / About Leningrad
10. Mal'chishki / The Guys
11. Storia d'amore / History Of Love
12. Madera / Madera

Slava Shalygin – vocal
Igor Boytsov – saxophone
Sanja Ezhov – bayan (Russische accordion ), back-vocal
Lyonya Agafonov – double bass
Vova Uspensky - gitara, banjo
Zhenja Bobrov – drums


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


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