Klezmatics mix jazz, folk, rock and Jewish music into a unique and powerful new sound. This album is one of the more challeging of their many works, leaping from genre to genre with seeming abandon. A core element of the record is the songwriting of playwright Tony Kushner, a self-described "half-baked, half-former, re-formed, dummermann kind of Jew." His lyrics for "Undoing World" are powerful phrases of love, loss and exile played against a traditional tune. Klezmatics can break into a frenzied dance here or a heart-rending fiddle tune there; the beauty of Possessed is its complete unpredictability. This is klezmer music of a high order.

01. Shprayz Ikh Mir
02. Kolomeyke
03. Moroccan Game
04. An Undoing World
05. Mizmor Shir Lehanef (Reefer Song)
06. Shvarts Un Vays (Black And White)
07. Lomir Heybn Dem Bekher
08. Sirba Matey Matey
09. Mipney Ma
10. Beggars' Dance
11. Shnaps-Nign
12. Interlude
13. Dybbuk Shers
14. Fradde's Song
15. Der Shvartser Mi Adir
16. Hinokh Yafo
17. Mipney Ma
18. Eyn Mol


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