"On Pandoukht, Yengibarjan teams with Frank London, whose experimentation with eastern European sounds are legion; they converge around the shared Armenian and Jewish experience of genocide, joined by guitarist Gábor Gadó, bassist Horváth and multi-percussionist András Dés. While trumpet is not typically associated with tango, London finds common sonic ground in a blend of their respective compositions with eastern European roots. On "Berd Par," an Armenian folk song, the duo set up a trumpet-accordion dialogue against a simple two-chord Latin figure, while "Hoy Noubar," "Ararat" and "D'le Yaman" mark out various Levantine traces, the latter with London's sighing trumpet engaged in a tete-a-tete with Yengibarjan's restrained exhalations. London's "Golem Khosidi" and the traditional Jewish tune "Meron Nign" confirm the shared wellsprings of Jewish and Armenian folk song. There's whimsy here too, as with "Liliputien," a fleeting waltz duet."

2.Berd Par
3.Hoy Noubar
5.D'le Yaman
6.Golem Khosidl 7.Pandoukht
9.Meron Nign

Gábor Gadó - Guitar
András Dés - Percussion
David Yengibarjan - Accordion, Main Performer
József Horváth Barcza - Bass
Frank London - Trumpet


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


vilstef said...

This one and the other Yenggibbarjan title are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

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