Beirut's five-song EP LON GISLAND works as a nice stop-gap for those anxious for the next full-length from wunderkind songwriter Zach Condon. Condon's penchant for unique instrumentation and world-music accents (particularly klezmer and Balkan ... Full Descriptionbrass) is in full flourish on this brief 2007 release, as best revealed on the rousing instrumental "My Family's Role in the World Revolution" and the gorgeous reworking of GULAG ORKESTAR's "Scenic World"--which gets fleshed out with the requisite accordions, ukuleles, and mournful brass, recasting the song as a bittersweet death march. Condon, indisputably, has talent and vision; that he can pack as much of it into five songs as he does here is staggering.

01. Elephant Gun
02. My Family's Role in the World Revolution
03. Scenic World
04. The Long Island Sound
05. Carousels

Zach Condon - vocals, ukulele, trumpet, piano
Jon Natchez - ukulele, clarinet, baritone saxophone, glockenspiel
Paul Collins - ukulele, organ, percussion
Kelly Pratt - trumpet, flugelhorn, euphonium
Kristin Ferebee - violin
Jason Peranski - mandolin, ukulele
Nick Petree - percussion
Perrin Cloutier - cello, accordion




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Köszike, ez óriási! :)

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