With his roots in the music of the desert nomads of Western Sudan, where he was born in the region of Kordofan, Abdel Gadir Salim pioneered a mix of urban and folk music in the early 1970's, coming up with this marvelous hybrid of African, Arabic, and jazz; it incorporates some Western instruments, like the saxophone and accordion, and the music he writes is melodic, rhythmic, and mellow. Anyone who likes reggae or African music will appreciate Salim's talent, and find in his songs a lovely and kindred spirit.

1. Rada Al-Qulayb - Give Me Back My Tender Little Heart
2. Bitzid Min 'Adhabi - She Increases My Pain
3. Ghannu Ya Ikhwani - Sing, O My Brothers
4. Jamil Al-Sourah - The Beautiful Face
5. Ghaba Nawmi - I Can No Longer Sleep
6. Qidrechinna - I Am Destined To Love
7. Ana Batraki - I Am Under Your Spell
8. Maktul Hawak - Tied By Your Love


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