"17 Hippies meet Marc Ribot and Jakob Ilja - some experiment that went very right!
Listening to Marc play with Tom Waits, John Zorn and Elvis Costello, not to forget his own projects like the fabulous Cubano Postizios, we knew that he has this very sophisticated way of making unusual and even diverse ideas come together. His very distinguished sound made (and still makes) him our favourite guitarist. We were very happy, when he liked the idea to join us on stage.

Jakob on the other hand is a musician we’ve known for years. So when his main band Element of Crime doesn’t need his distinctive guitar playing, he has jumped in from time to time to throw in his beautiful tunes on mandolin. Asked whether he could picture himself playing along with Marc, and us his first reaction was to sit down and reach for breath. He sure wanted to!"

01. Leolos Blues
02. Frau Von Ungefähr
03. Ifni Ifni
04. Galerón
05. Karsilamas
06. Was Bleibt
07. Jovano Javanne
08. Truffles & French Philosophy Go Sirba
09. Marléne
10. Besho

Antje Henkel - clarinet, saxophon
Carsten Wegener - double-bass, musical saw, vocals
Christopher Blenkinsop - ukulele, irish bouzouki, vocals
Daniel Friedrichs - violins
Dirk Trageser - guitar, vocals
Elmar Gutmann - trumpet
Henry Notroff - clarinets
Kerstin Kaernbach - violins
Kiki Sauer - accordion, harmonium, flute, vocals
Kruisko - accordion
Lüül - banjo, guitar
Rike Lau - cello, vocals
Uwe Langer - trombone, trumpet, euphonium


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Darkman said...

is this one at 192 .. or?

Bluesmen said...

Yes, 192.
At 192 worse does not get...:)

Darkman said...

ok thanks .. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your 17 hippies posts. Much appreciated. And this last one is a real killer.

Unknown said...

Awesome Group. Awesome Music.
Seriously, why I never heard of these guys before.
Thanks a lot, Bluesmen.

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