Musical group Vodku v Glotku was founded in the year 2000, in Budapest, Hungary. The goal of the band is to introduce the folk music of the nations throughout Central and Eastern Europe, mixed with its own musical concepts. The dominant elements in the music of the band are Hungarian, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, as well as other folk motives from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkanes. This is mixed with the elements of rock, jazz and other progressive musical styles. As a result, a musical world is created on the stage, which makes feel home the many nations inhabiting the Central and Eastern European region.

This CD appeared in only some hundred copies.

01 - I'm from Odessa
02 - Sailor's Wedding
03 - Gipsy dance
04 - Jewish dance
05 - Vodka
06 - Jaim
07 - Odessa
08 - Grandma from Odessa
09 - Madam
10 - Gop-stop
11 - Cherries have ripened



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