Szőke is a well known artist from Tin-Tin, Makám and Kolinda. Besides playing on oriental instruments he is also known for directing theatre pieces. This is the first time, that these three works: Omáar Khayyám, The Arabian Nights and Jayadeva are blended into one single unit. There verses are set to music mainly for original instruments. Their melodic and rhythmic structure is built on Indian, Persian, North African, Balkan and East-Central-European elements.

01. Beggar's song
02. Empty your goblet
03. Carnal fray
04. I am a flower, sweet-smelling
05. Sindbad's soliloquy No. 1
06. The curl on her snowy brow
07. Winged horsey
08. It is dawn
09. Sea monsters
10. Sindbad's soliloquy No. 2
11. Go, save your soul
12. Let your strong teeth bite me nice
13. The world is spinning
14. Sindbad's soliloquy No. 3
15. I drink not for lust, not for delirium
16. One thing is certain
17. The one who opens the gate to love
18. Sindbad's farewell soliloquy

Bea Palya - vocals, mouth organ, kalimba, snklung, bells, rhythmic speech, clapping
András Monori - kaval, sithar, bamboo flute, double recorder, trumpet, mouth organ, kalinba, guitgar, bells
Péter Szalai - tabla, kalimba, ocean drum, rain stick, bells, rhythmic speech
Szabolcs Szőke - gadulka, sarangi, gusla, kalimba, bamboo zither, bells
Lajos Spilák - tapan, gongs, bells, prose
Éva Enyedi - anklung, mouth organ, mbira, rhythmic speech, clapping
Katalin Homonnai - anklung, mouth organ, mbira, rhythmic speech, clapping
Domokos Szabó - anklung, bamboo sansa




zeporro said...

thank you very much for the disc.
gracias por el disco, me gusta mucho Palya Bea.

Unknown said...

Eu busquei muito esse álbum.
Também sou fã de Palya Bea. Obrigado!

Sacavera said...

The link is dead. Please, could you uploaded it again? thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

link broken
SAJNOS HALOTT A LINK :((((((((((((

Bluesmen said...


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