"Sitting on the Buffalo, Kampec Dolores' second CD for the label ReR Megacorp, followed their breakthrough album, the highly experimental Zúgó/Rapid, and their first North American tour. The lineup has changed considerably. Singer/violinist Gabi Kenderesi and guitarist Csaba Hajnóczy (who were both involved in the project the Danubians) are the only two musicians playing on both albums. The band has lost a very inventive drummer (András Halmos cannot match the mastery of Péter Hárságyi), but gained a strong bassist in Árpád Vajdovich. This album is more song-oriented, with shorter tracks and more lyrics instead of random syllables (still featured on "Small Cloud 1" and "Small Cloud 2"). Kenderesi sings in Hungarian (with English translations supplied in the booklet), Tamil, and Turkish. Rai and Tzigane influences permeate the group's rock songs. "Tan Naa Ne" is a traditional South Indian folk song, while "Yürüyorum" was adapted from a ceremonial song of the Bektashi dervishes. The basslines recall some of the best avant-rock Czech outfits, such as Pavel Fajt's Pluto and Uz Jsme Doma. More accessible than the band's previous album, Sitting on the Buffalo makes a good point of entry into Kampec Dolores' exotic world."

All Music Guide

01. A Bivaly hátán - Sitting On The Buffalo
02. Tan Naa Ne
03. Tizenöt - Fifteen
04. Yuruyorum
05. Testet öltött - Incarnated
06. Séta (Su es Si) - Walk (Shu And Shi)
07. Felhőcske 1. - Small Cloud 1.
08. Felhőcske 2. - Small Cloud 2.
09. A bivaly hátán - Sitting On The Buffalo - (Short Versions)

Bass Guitar - Árpád Vajdovich
Drums - András Halmos
Guitar,sampler - Csaba Hajnóczy
Soprano Sax - Dongó Balázs Szokolay
Voice, Violin - Gabi Kenderesi


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